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“Pa, Ma Paliti ko ug Tamagochi beh”. I still remember those words when these things came out. They where selling like pancakes and almost every store and even outside school vendors where selling them. It was the TAMAGOCHI, its like having a pet without even thinking how to clean its SHIT(LOL). there have been 44 Tamagotchi versions released since their creation in 1996. Several of them are Japanese Tamagotchis. These include the original Tamagotchi, Christmas Themed Tamagochi,  Angelgotchi, Devilgotchi, Oceangotchi, (mainly released in Japan) and newer Tamagotchi versions, known as Connection, Connexion or Plus, which can communicate with other Tamagotchi for games and breeding. The most recent versions are the Tamagotchi Music Star, in which the player can raise a single Tamagotchi, where it will eventually form a band after making friends; and the Tamagotchi Plus color, a Japan-exclusive virtual pet with a full-color 128×128 screen with enhanced graphics and gameplay. Hope to see TAMAGOCHI again.